News and Activities

Jan 13, 2016: "Completion of 5th AGM of CDS and Clearing Ltd."

CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC) has successfully completed its fifth Annual General Meeting at 9:30 AM today at the premises of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. It is pleased to announce that all of the resolutions put forward were duly passed.


May 19, 2015: "Resume of Business Operation"

CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC) resumed its business activities on 9th May 2015 after the devastating earthquake that struck the country on 25th April 2015. Reluctant to say, the earthquake damaged the building where CDSC is situated. The powerful aftershock that hit on 12th May 2015 further damaged the building causing a halt in its operation. For the smooth operation and high level of services, CDSC has shifted its office location to the premises of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. CDSC will resume its business operation from 20th May 2015. In reference to the public notice issued by Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd., the trading and settlement of transactions executed shall resume from 24th May 2015.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Apr 22, 2015: "CDSC has begun its full implementation by enforcing the demat transaction of 14 selected companies' scrips on different dates"

CDS and Clearing Ltd. has begun its full implementation by enforcing the demat transaction of 14 selected companies' scrips on different dates. Observing the positive and enthusiastic response from the market, CDSC is continuing the same initiative by selecting further 7 more companies reaching the number of selected companies to 21. The list of total selected companies are illustrated below:

  1. Global IME Bank Ltd.
  2. Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.
  3. Unilever Nepal Ltd.
  4. Himalayan General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  5. Mahalaxmi Finance Ltd.
  6. Everest Finance Co. Ltd.
  7. Taragaon Regency Hotels Ltd.
  8. Ace Development Bank Ltd.
  9. Sunrise Bank Ltd.
  10. Everest Insurance Co. Ltd.
  11. Butwal Power Co. Ltd.
  12. Nabil Bank Ltd.
  13. Vibor Bikas Bank Ltd.
  14. United Finance Ltd.
  15. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
  16. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.
  17. Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd.
  18. Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd.
  19. Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd.
  20. Prudential Insurance Co. Ltd.
  21. NIDC Development Bank Ltd.


Oct 10, 2014: "CDSC conducted Investors' Awareness Program at Pokhara"

Today, CDSC conducted Investors' Awareness Program at Pokhara on Central Securities Depository System and Clearing and Settlement Procedure for demat and physical securities. We experienced rich participaton of th investors with a great success of the program.


Sep 23, 2014: "Workshop for Investors - Day 1"

It is our pleasure to announce that the first day of workshop for investors on Central Securities Depository System and Clearing and Settlement Procedure for demat and a physical share was a huge success. We experienced excellent number of participants. We would like to thank all participants for active participation. We would like to welcome further participants to attend the program for the remaining series - 23rd September 2014 and 24th September 2014.


Sep 07, 2014: "NEPSE has given ultimatum of 21 days to the NEPSE listed companies to get their securities admitted with CDSC"

Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) has issued a press release on 19th Bhadra 2071 mentioning the mandatory instruction to the remaining NEPSE listed companies to get their securities admitted with CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC). NEPSE has strictly given the time frame of 21 days and those companies that fail to get registered will be taken an action against them as per the prevailing regulation. NEPSE has further notified that at the initial phase of the operation of CDSC, the transaction of "A" Class Commercial Banks will be mandatorily executed in demat mode mere with effective from 20th Ashwin 2071 and has also instructed to all Trading Members to get the license of Depository Participants by the end of the month of Bhadra. Moreover, NEPSE has precisely informed all investors to open demat account within the prescribed time period.



Sep 01, 2014: "CDSC granted a DP license to Global IME Capital Limited and also signed an agreement with Machhachpuchhre Bank Limited for admission of securities"

CDSC granted a DP license to Global IME Capital Limited and allocated DP ID with 11200. Moreover, CDSC signed an agreement with Machhachpuchhre Bank Limited and also allocated ISIN Number with NPE024A40003 and NPE024A00007 for promoter share and ordinary share respectively.


Aug 14, 2014: "CDSC Conducted 2 Days Training Program in Association with SEBON & ANNA"

CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC), the sole central securities depository of Nepal, conducted 2 days training program on "Role of ISO Identifiers in the International Capital Markets: ANNA's Perspective" in association with Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), the regulator of the capital market and Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) on 6 to 7 August 2014 in the capital city Kathmandu. The program was kicked off with the Welcome Remarks by the Chief Executive Officer of CDSC, Mr. Subodh Sharma Sigdel followed by the remarks by the General Manager of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE), Mr. Sitaram Thapaliya and the Chairman of SEBON, Mr. Baburam Shrestha.
Delivering his remarks, Mr. Shrestha enunciated all NEPSE listed companies to admit their securities with CDSC for dematerialization and get a unique International Securities Identification number (ISIN) for their scrips to enjoy the visibility in the global financial markets. He commended the significance of the Central Securities Depository and ISIN in the capital market development front and for adaptation of state-of-the-art technology to bring revolution and graduate the Nepalese capital market. The delegates from ANNA, Chairman-Mr. Dan Kuhnel and Vice Chairman and Secretariat-Mr. Uwe Meyer delivered the presentations which were much resourceful and dynamic. Mr. Kuhnel and Mr. Meyer gave basic concepts on ANNA, its role, its members in the international market, the practical aspects of ANNA membership/partnership and International Central Securities Depository (ICSD) in the International Debt Market. They highlighted the significance of ISIN and its guidelines ISO 6166 and ISO 10962 for CFI that are required for defining the standardization. They even emphasized the practical aspects on ISO Financial standards, documents (legal and other) and reports by members and partners. They also discussed about the ANNA Bureau Service including its system and upload of ISIN records by members and partners. They enlightened up the importance of ANNA membership and precisely spelled out the timeline to receive the membership after the allocation of ISIN. They urged Nepal NNA to take full membership soon.
The delegates of ANNA unveiled that in its history of 22 years, this was the first time ever that ANNA had provided training in its member NNA nation. They even assured to provide full support in the operational related issues. There were active participants with the mixture of different stakeholders pertinent to the Nepalese financial market such as Ministry of Finance, Nepal Rastra Bank, Securities Board of Nepal, Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd., ICRA Nepal Ltd., Nepal Banker's Association, Development Bankers Association Nepal, registered companies with CDSC, depository participants, trading members, clearing members and media. Mr. Krishna Prasad Devkota, the Chairman of CDSC as well as Joint Secretary of Ministry of Finance concluded the program by expressing the special thanks to the Guest of Honors for providing precious time and for being from a long way to educate the intellectuals of Nepalese financial market from the context of international perspective. He even admired the effort of SEBON for being a wonderful partner of ANNA and expressed thank to SEBON for giving an opportunity to become National Numbering Agency of the nation to CDSC.
Mr. Sigdel also extended a heartfelt gratitude to the Guest of Honors, Mr. Kuhnel and Mr. Meyer for realizing Nepal NNA to acquire ANNA membership at the earliest. He even promised to excel the excellent services in the near future to cope up with the fast changing dynamic environment. He anticipated in imparting the best practices widely adopted in global financial market to enhance transparency, reliability and accountability for the further development of the capital market.


Jul 30, 2014: CDSC conducted "Issuers Interaction Program"

In the month of Ashad, CDSC conducted "Issuers Interaction Program" to the following companies with the support of following RTAs in the premises of CDSC:

List of RTAs

  1. Ace Capital Ltd.
  2. NCM Merchant Banking Ltd.
  3. NMB Capital Ltd.
  4. Growmore Merchant Banker Ltd.
List of Issuers
  1. Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
  2. Swarojgar Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd.
  3. Triveni Bikas Bank Ltd.
  4. Deprosc Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd.
  5. Professional Diyalo Bank Ltd.
  6. Nirdhan Utthan Bank Limited
  7. Jyoti Bikas Bank Ltd.
  8. Kasthamandap Development Bank Ltd.
  9. Tourism Development Bank Ltd.
  10. Rural Microfinance Development Central Ltd.
  11. Chhimek Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd.
  12. Business Universal Development Bank Ltd.
  13. Apex Development Bank Ltd.
  14. International Development Bank Ltd.
  15. Siddhartha Development Bank Ltd.
  16. Lumbini General Insurance Ltd.
  17. Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  18. Siddhartha Insurance Ltd.
  19. Himalayan General Insurance Ltd.
  20. Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  21. Jebil's Finance Ltd.
  22. Reliance Lotus Finance Ltd.
  23. Zenith Finance Ltd.
  24. Butwal Power Company Limited
  25. National Hydropower Co. Ltd.
  26. Oriental Hotels Ltd.
  27. Unilever Nepal Ltd.


  • Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.


Jun 13, 2014: CDSC conducted "Issuers Interaction Program"

In the month of Jestha, CDSC conducted "Issuers Interaction Program" to the following companies with the support of following RTAs in the premises of CDSC:

List of RTAs

  1. Global IME Capital Ltd.
  2. Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.
  3. Citizen Investment Trust
List of Issuers
  1. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.
  2. Citizens Bank International Ltd.
  3. ICFC Finance Ltd.
  4. Sagarmatha Insurance Co. Ltd.
  5. Nabil Bank Ltd.
  6. Nabil Balance Fund 1
  7. Sanima Bank Ltd.
  8. Prime Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  9. Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Ltd.
  10. Citizen Investment Trust
  11. Chilime Hydropower Co. Ltd.
  12. Lumbini Bank Ltd.


Jun 08, 2014: "Held Workshop on Depository Services to the Investors"

CDSC conducted the "Workshop on Depository Services to the Investors" in Kathmandu on 23rd Jestha 2071. The program was successfully carried out with significant number of participants. Mr. Raj Kumar Timilsina, the Chairman of Nepal Investor's Forum also encouraged and requested the participants to join CDSC by trading their securities through Demat Account for the further development of the capital market.


Jun 05, 2014: "Hand-over of Numbering Function to CDSC by ANNA"

ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies) has handed over the numbering function to CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC) on April 9, 2014.

The Securities Board of Nepal, a member of ANNA, delegated the rights of National Numbering Agency on March 18, 2013 to CDSC and the latter is responsible for creating ISINs to the registered securities.


Apr 15, 2014: "Demat Shares Traded"

Today Demat shares has successfully been traded.

Details of the trade:

Transaction ID: 201404151888789
Seller Broker : Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Seller Client : Nikesh Neupane
Buyer Broker : Trishakti Securities Public Ltd.
Buyer Client : Sushil Sapkota
Stock Traded : Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. (ADBL)
Traded Units : 30


Apr 06, 2014: "Investors and Issuers Awareness Program conducted"
CDSC has conducted Investors and Issuers awareness program on 18th and 20th Chaitra at Narayangarh, Chitwan and Butwal, Rupandehi respectively.


Feb 04, 2014: CDSC has delivered a presentation about the importance of CDSC and its functions in the capital market through the Investor Awareness Program organized by SEBON at Birgunj, Rautahat and Sarlahi from 13 to 17 Magh 2070.


Jan 13, 2014: New Board Committee has been formed. The members in the committee include:

  1. Mr. Krishna Prasad Devkota –Chairman
  2. Mr. Hari Prasad Kaphle – Member
  3. Mr. Sitaram Thapaliya -Member


Jan 06, 2014: CDS and Clearing Ltd. has sent the pending payouts of previous transactions today. Please be informed that the system upgradation of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. has not yet completed. The same problems may occur in the coming days also. We apologize for your inconvenience.


Jan 05, 2014: CDS and Clearing Ltd. (CDSC) has been conducting the Clearing and Settlement function for securities transactions since Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) outsourced it to CDSC. Due to the system upgradation in NEPSE, we are not able to send the payout of the transactions from 2nd January 2013 onwards. We endeavor to proceed it at the earliest. We apologize for the inconvenience.